Fighting to Stay Awake

Today was a pretty busy day at work, and I started feeling a little tired at around 3pm.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, for some reason.  I’m not sure if my fatigue was due to not enough sleep, too much work, one meal so far that day, or perhaps a combination of all three.  In any case, I was really fighting  to stay awake on the drive home and even conversation wasn’t helping me remain conscious.  So I thumbed through my iPod and found Metric’s Black Sheep, and just played that at a really high volume.  Of course, now the damn song is stuck in my head.

Here, have some Metric (and Brie Larson), singing Black Sheep from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack:

Anyway, now that I’m finally conscious enough to write blog posts, I figured I would at least say something substantial.

I really miss playing softball.  Maybe not the team itself, but I loved being out on the field again.  Since I left my last company, I haven’t had any kind of activity to take its place, so I’m looking for something that’ll help me get back into the swing of being active on a weekly basis.  But something with enough of an impact to really wear me out.  I might wait until next year to go do pick-up games, but I would love to get a real team together again.  I wonder if I could rustle up enough people to field a team in time for the spring season?  I hope so.

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