The late night softball game did not help my fatigue today.  I felt like a zombie, blowing through calls and closing cases out.  But anyway, I wanted to talk about my line from last night, because it’s a crazy one:

1 hit in 1 at-bat.  3 runs batted in.  3 bases on balls (walks).  4 hits-by-pitch. 1 error.

What does this mean for the uninitiated?  It means that I got hit by a pitch four times.  In slow-pitch beer league softball, when you get hit by a pitch, you don’t get a free pass to first base.  This is unusual, because I always understood the rules to mean that if you get hit, it’s automatically a walk.  Every league, except this one, follows that rule.  It was bizarre to a not so lesser degree when I got hit by a pitch TWICE in the same AT-BAT!  I’m not kidding.  Guy plunks me on the first pitch, then he plunks me for ball four, and I’m looking at the ump, wondering when he’s going to toss this guy.  Last game, I got hit 3 times, and two other batters also took hits, including one of our women players, when she got plunked in the leg.

So, I drew 3 walks.  And also, in slow-pitch, if there’s a girl on deck, if you walk the batter to get to the girl, the batter gets TWO bags, not one.  So three times, I was standing on second base.  The first time I drew the walk, it was bases loaded, so I got 2 RBI off of it.  I got the third RBI on my single to left.  Even though we lost the game by 11 runs, it was a much better deficit than our previous games.  Scoring 10 runs was a big improvement over our last game (we scored 6), and the previous game when we scored 3.  I’m seeing this as an improvement on our ability to drive the ball in.

I’m looking forward to next week’s game… I just kind of wish more people would come out to see us play. :/

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