I finally broke down and created myself a Flickr account, which is something I thought I would never ever do. But given the fact that I have a crazy amount of pictures on my hard drive and the fear of losing all of them through a hard drive failure or some other circumstance has me a little afraid. So, I started uploading the old stuff, like all the photos I took at JTAF1 and Anime Expo earlier that same year. I’m also trying to track down all the photos I took of Anime Expo in 2000, which was the best year ever.

Pagoda1To the right, you will find one of my favorite photos of the Pagoda in Japantown San Francisco’s Peace Plaza. This photo ended up being on the cover of the First Annual JapanTown Anime Faire’s program guide. If you’ve got a flickr account, you can add me:

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