I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs

I was feeling pretty sick most of the last week, which was making existance kind of miserable. My stomach was queasy for most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Friday. All I could do was sit and not try to exert myself, though I think what had happened was I worked out my abdominal muscles at the fitness center the night before. I did not eat until quite some time later, though I did drink quite a bit of Gatorade because I was sweating heavily after my two hour workout. I was really trying not to exert myself, but thanks to Jody, he showed me what was going wrong with my workouts. I was doing sets in cycles, rather than sequential. Not having had to actually use weights before, I didn’t know that. I really felt the burn early Tuesday morning, and I guess when I had something to eat, my abdomen probably didn’t like that and decided to retaliate. Oh, well… I guess all I can do is try to take it a little easier on my crunches. For those days, though, I was sitting at my desk and playing a shitload of EverQuest, since Jody felt sorry for me and offered to help me level a little bit. So, we took one of my low-level characters (a level 7 paladin) and worked her all the way to level 24 in less than two days. I got her to 25 last night, but I was only three percent into 25 and then promptly died at Dawnshroud Peaks (geh), so I lost her level and am back down to 24. Oh, well.

Earlier today, I finished I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs. What an awesome series that was.

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