Back in a Groove (but not really)

After getting everything off of my chest, it seems as though some of the burden I’d been carrying allowed me to sort of carry on a little better than I had previously. I spent most of the day literally vegging out, playing EverQuest with Jody all day and all night, until finally I went all bleary eyed and decided to play some Crimson Skies on the Xbox.

A sidenote about Crimson Skies: If you own an Xbox and you’re looking for a good all-around game that has both a great single player campaign as well as an awesome array of multiplayer options, then look no further. I wanted to finish the campaign on the single player side first, but I’ve already been dipping into the multiplayer part of the game and have been having a lot of fun with it. Not to mention that the community for Xbox Live has been pretty well-behaved, given the scope of personalities out there on the internet. Even when stomp, people are pretty gracious about it and have fun, which is the fucking point. I get pissed off when people get so competative as to be angry when they lose and ruin the game by being egomaniacs. There’s always someone better than you out there, no matter what. It’s a vicious circle.

Had a couple of friends come over tonight, as well, though my vegging all day did not really allow me to be as sociable as I would like to be. Following a crappy Halloween night, where only two people showed out of the five that said they would be there to hang out, I was really feeling like Saturday was just a bad day altogether. I didn’t go anywhere, I stayed home all day and just spread myself out over a chair and did my impression of a bump on a log. It felt good and I didn’t want to have to do anything anyway.

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