This is a general question to those who watch anime, or even movies or television. Has there ever been a movie/series/episode that absolutely tugged on your heart strings enough to water your eyes?

Even though I’ve watched some of these movies or shows several times over, I still feel it. I remember the very first time I watched a fansubbed copy of the Bishoujou Senshi Sailormoon R movie and the scene where Sailor Moon gives her life to save the Earth will drive me to tears. Not far after, I watched Aa! Megamisama and the fifth episode was pretty heartwrenching. Recently, I was listening to the ending MIDI for the Gunbuster series, the final episode specifically, and I could already feel the strings tug and pull… that scene where they realize they’ve been sent 10,000 years into the future and everyone they knew is dead just makes me lose it big time. This reminds me that I would really like to see Manga Entertainment release Gunbuster on DVD once and for all… not that I could afford it, but I think maybe sooner or later I’ll have the money and pick it up.

There’s at least one episode of the Star Trek franchises (with the exception of TOS) that I will lose it: TNG’s “Skin of Evil”, DS9’s “The Visitor” (this episode is officially banned from being played in my apartment by decree of my roommate, who also lost it), and VOY’s “Drone”. I know what you’re saying… how could a Voyager episode possibly invoke tears? It was just that good, definitely one of the few episodes that touches you.

Anyway, respond below and share your thoughts.

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