With little to do these days except the constant submission of my resume to at least 2-3 companies, I’m finding myself having a lot of free time to do other things like… writing. The recent publication of my collected shorts in the WNOHGB universe has caused me to consider bringing other of my incomplete short stories to light. In discussing this with a friend of mine, there was mention (downright near demand, actually) to publish The Quarterdeck Breed in a bound format like I did with Tales from a Parallel Universe. In looking at the page count and trying to figure it out, it would very nearly be about 200-250 pages and I’d have to raise the price a little bit due to that high pagecount. I lowered the font size on Tales because I wanted to make at least $5 on every book, but with another hundred pages, I’ll be lucky if I draw $2 per book. Eh… Tales isn’t selling very well, but it would be nice to put it in something I can hold in my hands.

In preparation for the publishing of TQB, I’ve decided to start the E-ship anew with Eagle. It was originally going to be Excelsior, but there was a not-so-subtle point about my love of the Excelsior-class starship, and how it was prevalent within Tales (the two main stories both involved Excelsior-class ships). Besides, I’m pretty happy with the way Eagle is writing itself right now, and I hope to have it done by the end of the week for the first stage of editing.

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