Bebop is Live

Toshiba finally shipped out my new laptop, and holy crap, is it huge.  It’s like twice the height of my old one, because it blocks half my 19 inch flatscreen (which I sometimes use as my extended desktop when I need it).   Also, they’re using a better version of TruBright, because I think folks on the International Space Station can see this thing from space.

Because my previous laptop’s name was Hammerhead, I had to pick a new name for this one.  It is being called, ‘Bebop,’ after the name of the fishing trawler they flew on within Cowboy Bebop.  I figured it was appropriate, considering how freakin’ huge this thing is.  I’m seriously going to have to consider getting a bigger laptop case, because I don’t think my Targus backpack is big enough to carry it in.  It’s literally a replacement for your television, and it has a coax connection on the back.  I use to think Qosmio’s were pieces of shit, but this one has changed my mind, so far.  We’ll see how well it does in the coming days.

Now playing on iTunes: The Delgados – The Light Before We Land

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