New Year

Tap came down this weekend, and we got to spend some time with her before Christmas.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to see her again before the New Year.  I’m looking forward to New Year’s this year, because it’ll be a lot of fun.  Julia and I are heading down to Anaheim this year to spend some time alone and enjoy the fireworks at Disneyland.  I mean, we always see it on TV, I figured it would be cool to actually be there because it always looks like so many people are having fun dancing the night away.   Though, knowing us, we’ll most likely be enjoying the fireworks from our hotel room facing the park.  Which is fine, but at least we’ll be out somewhere, doing something cool.  While I’m down there, I’ll try to post some pictures and maybe post a couple of nights.  I actually have to post, because Holidailies isn’t over until the 31st of December, and I’ll have been down there for at least a night by then.

What are your New Year’s plans?

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