Regrets, I Have a Few/But Then Again, Too Few To Mention…

Today’s Holidailies prompt is: “Things I once thought I’d do that I now know I’ll never ever do.”

  1. Shortly after my first marriage fell apart, I thought I would never get married. I’m married to my second wife, Julia, right now.
  2. I thought I would have kids. That will never happen; by choice, not by circumstance.
  3. I thought, as a child, that I would become a bus driver. This, my parents are thankful, has not (yet) come to pass. Nor will I ever hope to become a bus driver.
  4. I thought I would join the United States Navy. This will not happen, because I’m too large. I’m definitely 4-F, for sure.
  5. I thought I would die before I hit the age of thirty. I’m thirty-one, now… so that’s definitely not going to happen. I must be on borrowed time.
  6. As a child, I thought I would fly a fighter jet. I’m pretty sure i have to fit in the cockpit, first.
  7. I thought I would sail around the world. Again, I don’t want to sink the boat by looking at it.
  8. In college, I thought I would live in Japan. I’m pretty sure that’s not happening, but this one might happen someday.
  9. In high school, I thought I would play professional baseball. Well, the Giants might sign me for third base.
  10. I thought I would not have any regrets. The truth is… I don’t.

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