DDR, Live Broadcasting, and You

Fun was to be had last night in a rather interesting state. I played four and a half hours of Dance Dance Revolution yesterday, which is good, because this morning, to try and augment this regimen I’m attempting, I did twenty-five curls and ten push-ups. Hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? This means that my arms are now feeling a little closer to how my legs are feeling. This morning, though, my legs didn’t scream as badly as they did yesterday. I guess they’re starting to get used to the abuse.

Yesterday was my good friend Thomas’ pre-birthday. He and a couple of his friends came down from the City to sort of celebrate by dancing the night away over at that nickel arcade I’ve been frequenting this week so far. Along with Jody and his little sister Teri, we literally danced until Teri finally said she was tired. Which is amazing, because she’s never said that to me. Shit, I think I even tired her out, because I was still raring to go. But she had school in the morning, and so did I… I still wanted to play, even though my calves were starting to mewl again. Right now, my favorite song from 4th mix plus is Young Forever. It’s a good song, and challenging. Though, I did really well with Afronova last night. I got a max combo of 102, which is a personal best. Teri just sails through it, as does Jody. They’re both far better than I am. I need to hook up with Todd again sometime this week to take him over to Hi-5 and have him dance with me.

After I got home last night, I immediately made preparations for a live broadcast. When you do something really fun, you tend to have to come down from an endorphin high, which is exactly what I was feeling. In fact, it was almost so exhilarating that I got a no fear attitude and went headlong into a decision that turned out rather well in the end. Though, I’m now curious to see what happens. It might be a hopeless curiosity, but I’m optimistic. The live broadcast was fun, as usual, but I think I exhausted myself and my audience, because near the end, I felt kind of lame and I knew that my high was over and it was time to come on down back to Earth and sleep.

But sleep I did not do, as I settled in for another nice long conversation with someone. It lasted until near dawn, and so this meant that I could kiss classes goodbye this morning. That’s really okay, as I’m doing extra homework in Japanese to play catch up and I can sleep a little bit more. Truth be told, I slept right through my alarm, but I woke up to B’z, which is why the lyrics ended up previous to this ‘actual’ post.

What do I need to get done today? I have a meeting at work that I either need to be there physically for or call in to. I need to go play another hour of DDR. I need to eat my one meal. I need to drink 8 glasses of water. After that, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hitting the head a lot. Finish my extra assignments for Japanese, and then get to be early because tomorrow is UBER day.

Tomorrow, I must get up for my 7am, make my weekly special guest appearance. Go to History and Japanese, then go to work until Saturday morning at 4am. Sleep is the order of the night tonight, for sure.

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