Some Day My Box Will Come

… and that day is today. After losing Hammerhead (Athlon 650/128 megs) to a self-inflicted power supply failure, I started buying up parts online little by little for a brand new machine. At first, I figured I would just buy a bare bones system and build from there, but then I realized that after the power supply burning out, I probably shouldn’t really be doing this on my own anymore. I’m too old to be a young whippersnapper putting together computer parts! Wah! I mean, these days, I just whip out my cane and whack the side of the box while yelling obscenities in foreign languages to make machines work. A far cry from my days as a technical support engineer at Acer. I’ve literally lost the edge of cutting technology.

I don’t really know what the hell is new these days. I had to poll everyone I knew for the latest information on hardware. I ended up parting in some decent stuff as well as some cutting edge stuff… and all for less than a grand, which was a pretty good bargain. Of course, this is over the course of like two and a half months. But it finally got assembled this week and I picked it up this morning on my way to work (had a friend put it together for me). Woo-hoo… finally. Very happy, and looking forward to some hardcore gaming next week.

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