My First Book

It sounds like some sort of Sony Kids toy, I know, but I finally put the collection of short stories together and am self-publishing it through CafePress, who is amazingly gouging me for $14.57 on the print costs (that’s what I pay if I want a copy for myself). In order to make $5 profit per book, I had to mark it up to $19.99, but if you’re lucky enough, there’s a $5 off coupon floating around betwene friends that you can use in purchasing the book, so I still get the $5 in profit, but CafePress takes a $5 hit on their production costs, which is fine by me.

Please buy my book! I need the money! You can click right HERE to go to the order page. If you’re local to me, let me know you bought it and I’ll sign the first page for you… just in case I hit it big and you actually have a copy of this book, who knows?

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