For all you singles out there…

Revel in your singleness! Enjoy the alone time! It’s just another day that’s been horribly horribly commericalized and all about the money! A Saturday night isn’t supposed to be wasted catering to the opposite sex, it’s about having a friends’ night out on the town and having fun! Yeah!

On the other hand, and before I get the shit beat out of me by , I guess I should say that Valentine’s Day is really all about what you make of it. Like any other day of the year, it can be an excuse to be romantic (and if you’re a true romantic, you don’t need an excuse) or it’s just another day. With being unemployed, I had to admit to feeling embarrassed when she bought me a gift. She works and I don’t, but that doesn’t really stop her from buying something. Last year, our positions were reversed, so I guess turnabout is fair play. Nonetheless, I appreciated the kisses and the DVD of Lost in Translation. I had wanted to get her something, but it was not meant to happen on the day, it looks like.. though I did get to buy dinner, which is like a consolation… but it did not really matter to her that I was unable to get anything, just like I was not really expecting her to get me anything last year. Maybe next year, we’ll both have jobs and can afford to gift each other.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to those that care, and Happy Saturday to those that don’t. 🙂

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