Today’s Word? BUSY

I woke up this afternoon after trying to sleep in the sauna. Something needs to be done about the mean temperature of my room. I think I may have to start sleeping with the door open, but since I sleep with my DVD player going on repeat, I don’t think the other occupants of the house would be too thrilled with that.

The day’s events have me a little concerned with how I’m going to get everywhere and everything done. Today, I must go get a much-needed haircut, because I’ve got this fro thing going on with my hair. Then somehow get to the DMV and wait in line to change my address on my drivers’ license, then go to the AAA office in Los Gatos to reinstate my membership (since I declined towing and other miscellaneous insurance with Farmer’s)… the AAA membership is kind of a big necessity since I’m planning on driving down to Long Beach for AX, and I want a little peace of mind. Following that, it’s time to go to the Sprint PCS office to prepay for June’s cell phone bill, and then go to storage and drop off all the boxes I’m still toting around in my trunk (even though I moved in March). Grandma wants food, so I need to go to Nob Hill and get groceries. The immobile portions of my schedule include a work meeting at 1400, and dinner with my aunt, because she turned 46 on Monday and we scheduled her celebration for tonight (hence the need for a haircut). I guess laundry will have to wait until after I get back, and then that will mean staying up until its finished and then collapsing.

I didn’t get much sleep, only four hours, and I feel exhausted just thinking about running around today.


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    • barbles on May 30, 2002 at 11:29

    look im commenting! how the heck can you sleep in a sauna? i cant sleep when its like more than 60 degrees in a room

    • jetblack on May 30, 2002 at 17:56

    As with all things, you simply get used to it.

    — ZC

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