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I spent most of the day trying to go over my plan for the coming school year of ’03-’04, and in reworking my academic plan, I noticed that two things are going to happen next spring. 1) If all goes well, I will have my AA in Japanese next spring. 2) I won’t be able to apply for my Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), which would allow me to apply for a transfer to San Francisco State, until Spring Semester 2005. Because while I’ll have enough credits to graduate as an associate of arts, I’ll still be about twenty units shy from having completed my general education according to the California State University system. Interestingly enough, if I were to go to a UC school, I’d be fine. Weird. So, in a nutshell, here’s the breakdown:

Completed Courses:

Japanese 1             5.0 units
Japanese 2             5.0 units
Japanese 36X           2.0 units
Japanese 36Z           4.0 units
Music Performance 30   2.0 units
Political Science 1    5.0 units
Counseling 50          1.0 units
                      25.0 units

This quarter, my schedule looks like this:

Japanese 3             5.0 units
Math 101               5.0 units           
History 17A            5.0 units
Philosophy 25          4.0 units
                      19.0 units

In order for me to attain my AA by the end of the spring quarter, I’d have to follow this plan:

Summer 2003

English 1A             5.0 units
Comp. Info. Systems 2  4.0 units
                       9.0 units
Fall 2003

Japanese 4             5.0 units
Japanese 13A           3.0 units
Math 105               5.0 units
Music 3A               5.0 units
Human Performance 24   1.0 units
                      19.0 units

Winter 2004

Japanese 5             5.0 units
Japanese 13B           3.0 units
Math 10                5.0 units
Biology 10             5.0 units
                      18.0 units

Spring 2004

Japanese 6             5.0 units
Japanese 25A           3.0 units
Speech 10              4.5 units
Social Sciences 20     4.0 units
                      16.5 units

Grand Total          107.5 units

I would then graduate from Foothill, technically. But then I would go back in the Fall quarter of 2004 to finish up the CSU transfer requirements as such:

Fall 2004

Japanese 25B           3.0 units
English 1B             5.0 units
Astronomy 10A          5.0 units
                      13.0 units

And then I could petition for my IGETC, apply to SFSU, get accepted there and then go on to finish my BA. But right now, I’m just thinking about what I need to go at Foothill first. Whew… all this work for an AA.

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