Just finished the second algebra quiz in Math this morning. It took me just under ten minutes to complete, because it covered the material for just this week. I was actually afraid it was going to be a little more complicated than simplification and negative/positive integers, covering some of the commutative, associative, and distributive property rules that we had to go over in detail. Part of the homework this week was covering different solutions and trying to find out exactly what kind of rule they obey. I actually got one wrong last night when I was doing the last section of my homework for this week, and so I went back to the class notes I took that day and just sat down and finally understood that I wasn’t going to be able to breeze as easily through the class as I had originally thought.

While I was sitting through the last five minutes allotted for the quiz, the guy next to me pulls out a calculator to cheat on the quiz. The instructor had said three times before the quiz started that calculators weren’t allowed, which is fine by me. Most of this crap is addition and basic multiplication. And I think I remember how to add double-digit numbers without much difficulty. One of the problems was -6^2 + 5(8-3) / 4-12. the answer ends up being 36 + 25 / -8, and then simplified to -7 and 2/8. This guy whips out a calculator to add 36 to 25, and I just shake my head because he pulls it out under his desk, and I feel like I’m back in high school again, watching others cheat on the geometry final. Gah.

I got my homework assignment back from Tuesday. I got 20 out of 20. Yay me.

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