Anyone remember the Saturn phenomenon?

In reading up on upgrading a TiVo, I’m taken aback by the nature of the community of which I’ve purchased myself into. Upgrade kits, upgrade instructions, and other kinds of TiVo hacks appear everywhere within the community. I was kind of interested in seeing if I could get my 40-hour TiVo upgraded to a much larger capacity… and I happened upon this site:

I thought that was a pretty cool site, but I got it off the TiVo community page, which is associated with the TiVo company. So I went hunting on Google and found this:

Reading up on the forum at the community site reminds me a great deal of all the Saturn rage back when it had begun doing business. TiVo is a neat device and it’s definitely redefined how I watch TV.. in fact, I’m actually getting full use of my satellite now that I’m able to record shows and watch them later. For example, I’ve been wanting to watch The West Wing ever since it began showing on the air, but I never remembered to sit down and watch it, and buying tapes and programming my VCR always led to disaster. Plus, I hate non-digital media with a passion. I don’t even listen to audio tapes, let alone watch video tapes. The VCR is now sitting in my closet…

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