Fall Quarter 2003

Without fall classes, I think maybe I would truly feel lost and directionless. School provides me with a little bit of focus that’ll help me while looking for another job. Mind you, I would love to just sit back and not have to work and go back to school full-time, but hey, there’s that hard line of reality that will nag me along until there comes a time when I don’t need to worry about money. Like maybe after I win the lottery, or a rich relative leaves me with something huge to live off of.

This quarter, I’m lucky enough to not be travelling alone to classes. I’ll have Mel and my sister, as well as other friends, old and new. It’ll be different this year, I hope. I think it’ll be a lot more fun than it has been in a long time. I just hope that this doesn’t end up being my last quarter at Foothill due to financial constraints.

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