The Scholastic Story So Far…

I found out today that I won’t make it into SFSU’s fall semester in 2004. I won’t have enough transferable units to make it to the November 10th meeting with the SFSU counselor and gain admission in time. Instead, I’m going to try for spring 2005, by adding 10 units over summer session. So, my plan has changed dramatically since last quarter:

Prior to Spring 2003: 10 transferable units.

Spring 2003
Japanese 3              5   units       MAJOR
History 17A             5   units       REQ 2
Philosophy 25           4   units       Area D
- Subtotal: 24 transferable units
Fall 2003
Japanese 4              5   units       MAJOR
Japanese 13A            3   units       MAJOR
Economics 1A            5   units       MINOR (Area D)
- Subtotal: 37 transferable units.
Winter 2004
Japanese 5              5   units       MAJOR
English 1A              5   units       REQ 1 (Area A)
Speech 1A               4.5 units       Area A
Math 10                 5   units       Area B
- Subtotal: 56.5 transferable units
Spring 2004
Japanese 6              5   units       MAJOR
English 1B              5   units       Area A
Biology 10+10L          5   units       Area C
Political Science 1     5   units       Area D
- Subtotal: 76.5 transferable units

As you can see, 76.5 is 7.5 units shy. ๐Ÿ™

Summer 2004
History 17B              5   units       Area D
Astronomy 10+10L         5   units       Area B
- Subtotal: 86.5 transferable units

After Summer Session, I’m eligible for spring admission/registration. But since I’m not going to be able to go to school until spring anyway, I might as well take one more quarter at Foothill while I can (cheaper tuition), and get in as many lower division/general education course as I can.

Fall 2004
Music 3A                5   units       Area B
Economics 1B            5   units       MINOR (Area D)
Human Performance 48    3   units       Area E
Japanese 13B            3   units       MAJOR
- Subtotal: 97.5 transferable units

Much better. So now I can enter SFSU having completed all my GE requirements and concentrate on my major/minor studies. I feel tons better having a plan based on more concrete information.

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    • saebel on September 29, 2003 at 12:08

    Hmm. This is just idle curiosity at work, but–are you going to move up to the city when you transfer?

    • jetblack on September 29, 2003 at 12:53

    Yep. I’ll be seeking on-campus housing.

    — ZC

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