End of Week Two

Following the end of the last class on Friday, I’m looking forward to the weekend. For the first time in a few months, my weekend is actually stress-free. I do have some homework to attend to, but beyond that, there’ not much else for me to do. Maybe I’ll clean my room up a little bit so I can get some work done during the week, but otherwise, I’m either going to write more about Melissa Knight, or possibly write more about Stargate SG-X.

So, a couple of buddies of mine and I have gotten together to start a new game called Stargate: SG-X. For the uninitiated, SG-X is kind of a take-off on the Stargate universe, though alternate. Instead of it being Colonel O’Neill, it might be Colonel Smith or someone else who initially went through the Stargate. In an attempt to allow players the opportunity to play the characters they’ve seen on the show, without actually having to mimic Kurt Russell or Richard Dean Anderson. They can be original while also following the storyline loosely and with their own ideas. We’ve been working on the concept over the past couple of months, going over the d20 manual and figuring out exactly how to convert the concepts there into MOO code… so this ought to be a good challenge.

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