AX2K5 Day Two

Due to the late night we kept the night before, we slept in until noon; thereby missing the KOTOKO concert completely. Ah, well… I heard it was awesome, but there was no photography allowed, so my friends who went to the concert had no record of the event for me to look at, at the very least. We took off, leaving a sleeping Jody on the floor, to Baker’s Square with Thomas. After eating, we brought home a doggie bag for Jody, who was already showering when we returned. By the time we finally got out of the room, we made it to the dealer’s room with fifteen minutes left in the room hours and we met up with Rob Miles.

I haven’t hung out with Rob since SakuraCon earlier this year, but when I saw him at the YaoiCon booth, I bumped into him literally and since we were all there, we decided to go to his room at the Ramada on Katella, and then we headed over to the IHOP for dinner. I also met Jason Ebner, who was with the Fanime people, but since there wasn’t a whole lot of time, I’d put off going over there to say hi until tomorrow. Now, we also hooked up with a couple of the YaoiCon people working at the convention at the Ramada before we hit the IHOP. Little did I know that the IHOP would end up being the source of so much fun and another convention story to tell. If I get a chance to write the whole thing out, I will, but for the purposes of this report, I’m not going to go quite that far (yet). Let it just be known that when Rob and I get together, our friends cannot take us anywhere. Add Jody and Thomas to the mix, and the hilarity of the conversation manages to spiral out of control. We ended up at the IHOP for over three hours, and at almost 10pm, we were due to be at Carl Horn’s room for a party.

On the way over from the IHOP back to the Hilton, we bumped into Kevin Lillard, who chatted briefly with us before we moved on. We caught him on his way back to his hotel on Harbor. I was pretty shocked at the number of people not staying in the main hotels this year. Everyone I know (except Thomas and Al and Alma), was staying at the peripheral hotels and motels on Harbor and Katella. It was making the ability to hook up with people kind of difficult. It’s way easier to plan stuff when people only have to go up and down a number of floors, rather than walking down the street and then up convention way. We got to Carl’s party right as it started, and I got to hang out s’more with Rob, but now I also got to hang with Carl. Carl I haven’t seen since the last time he was working for Animerica… and he was talking about how much he was enjoying working with Dark Horse, but also how much he missed the Bay Area (he’s now working up in Portland). At around midnight, all of us had soaked up enough atmosphere and Rob was getting tired, so we bailed on the party and headed back up to the room.

Jimbo, Peter, and Joemi were heading over from their respective hotels to join us for the evening. When they arrived, Thomas headed back to his room downstairs, and Jody and I wanted to hit Midnight Madness to watch something we’ve already seen a gazillion times: Elfen Leid. It was fun, because I got to MST it a little bit. It was the third and fourth episodes, where they show the skeleton of the Diclonius’ and if you’ve never seen this series before, you’re not going to get this joke, but I leaned over and whispered, “Holy shit, it’s the ultimate furry!” That caused a little bit of laughter. There was also some moron who was walking up and down the isle and not sitting down or anything; he just hung out there until Jimbo got up and shouted “SIT DOWN!” I was trying really hard to hold the laughter in, but I chortled anyway. It was hilarious. When we got out of the showing, we we kind of hungry, and Jody was feeling tired from having downed spirits at Carl’s party, so he went back up to the room and I got the car out of valet to drive us to the Denny’s down the street from Disneyland.

While at the Denny’s all of us swapped more stories. I told the story about Jimbo and his lovely herb chicken, and then they heard about me being Rob Miles’ Bear. 🙂 I will recount these stories later, trust me. 🙂 Just as we were wrapping up things, some truck swerved around and took out a fire hydrant across the street from the Denny’s, causing a big water fountain. The truck itself, which looked pretty new, was all sorts of fucked up with its front end totally smashed in, and there was another truck that ran a red light trying to get away from the scene of the accident. I don’t know if the truck was involved because we made it outside of the restuarant too late to really see what had happened. Of course, Jimbo and Peter bolted across the street to take pictures, so I’m sure they’ll have pics up on their livejournals soonish. The Anaheim PD and FD showed up shortly afterward and Jimbo and Peter got caught across the street when they showed and were told to leave the area ASAP. They jaywalked back to us and then they decided to walk back to their hotel (since it was just up the block), and I took Jimbo back to his hotel.

Jenn and I got back to the room and Jody was asleep. Jenn decided she wanted to take a walk, and I caught up on email. when she got back, I watched the first episode of One Piece and the second episode of Gunbuster 2, and then chatted with her for a little bit before falling asleep…

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    • lyricaldanichan on July 3, 2005 at 20:20

    Wow! I thought Carl stopped going to Anime Expo! Too bad he didn’t make it for Fanimecon..

    I dunno why Rob Miles reminds me of Bill Cosby LOL.

    • jetblack on July 6, 2005 at 12:45

    LOL. Are you going to the BAAS BBQ next month?

    • lyricaldanichan on July 6, 2005 at 14:52

    Nope never go to those things and BAAS is freaky
    deaky. LOL

    • jetblack on July 6, 2005 at 14:53

    I’ve never been 😛 Rob invited me to go next month, so I’m going to check it out. 🙂

    • staplerx on July 8, 2005 at 14:49

    Its fun, much mingling and good food.

    • staplerx on July 8, 2005 at 14:51

    I didn’t even hear or see the truck hit the post, I just turned around and saw the fountain of water. Well, something like you don’t see everyday, so of course I needed to take pictures. =P

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