The Shit Starts Falling Early on Mondays…

So, my phone rang this morning at around 8am, and I didn’t pick it up because I hadn’t been a home in over a month, and who the hell was going to be calling for me there? I didn’t really wake up for it at all, so when I finally rolled out of bed like an hour later, I listened to the voicemail (because I’m nosy) and it turned out to be for me. It was my work, and they were “wondering if [I] were going to show up for work this morning.” Now, for the record, I’ve been showing up for work, although I took a day off last week because I was feeling off my game, but it didn’t inconvenience anyone because there was someone else there anyway.

Of course, I call back, not really happy with the message I just got. I get on the phone with my boss, and I guess my other coworker wanted to call in sick so I could run the shift by myself, but since they couldn’t get a hold of me at 8 in the morning, the decision was made to not have him call in sick. Well, if he’s going to be working sick, I sure as fuck am I’m not going to be locked up in a room with him, catching whatever it is he’s got.

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