… a day I’ll always remember.

Today’s Something*Positive covers some familiar territory for me, considering that I used to watch this show practically all the time way back in the day. In fact, I also used to catch the MST3K Hour, when they broke up the movies into one hour episodes and Mike Nelson would dress up as that one guy from that old PBS show whose name I don’t remember.

I remember naming my cat Tom Servo, and watching Mitchell until I knew it by heart because it was the first Rhino tape I bought. Ken and Todd and I used to watch all his old tapes, too, and that was how I saw Cave Dwellers, Leech Woman, and of course, MANOS: The Hands of Fate. Torgo rules. Anyway, I read that and thought I would write a little something random about it because I miss Joel, the bots, Doctor Clayton Forrester and TV’s Frank. Not so much Pearl and Brain Guy, though Bobo was hilarious.

And no, I never caught the season on KTLA.

Mitchell’s on the corner. MITCHELL!

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