Support the WGA!

The members of the Writers’ Guild of America are on strike until they get what’s owed to them and I support them in their attempt to bring this problem to light. While I will be sad that my favorite television programs are on hiatus (or using up what scripts were written prior to the strike), I will not be watching television in general until the contract is resolved.

I wholeheartedly encourage all of you to do the same. I won’t be plied with reality programming or alternative programming. I won’t be part of their demographic for marketing and ad revenue. Writers work hard at what they do and speaking as an aspiring writer, it ain’t easy. Sure, we enjoy sitting on our asses and watching the tube during prime time, but the truth is that that enjoyment is derived by the creativity of this guild. Some may believe this strike to be nothing more than childish, but really, you have to consider the facts.

Go to the WGA site and read through the issues. Then come back here and comment if you agree or not. The more people who opt to watch DVDs, play video games, or maybe even crack open a book, the more it will impact the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers’ pocketbooks. Networks’ entire season are depending on the outcome of this strike, and I think we do talented writers a major disservice by continuing to feed them while such a major transgression continues under our very noses.

Support the WGA!

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