The Return of DiGi Karen!

So last year, I got to know this really awesome young lady, who’s first name is Karen. We hung out a great deal at Fanime. She was the Vice-Chair, and I was some guy who handled press and public relations and crap like that. But in the time after, we’ve been really good friends, and she went on a multi-month trip to Japan, China, and Taiwan back in January. She’s back! Jody and Todd told me she went to Fanime this year, and they talked briefly, I guess. I was so thrilled to learn she was back! This means that more nights will be filled with joy and fun and Anime watching! YES!

*AHEM* Anyway, I didn’t quite make it over to play DDR today, unfortunately. I had to work on a couple of personal projects. However, I intended to go, because I started my stretching exercises per usual, and then the memory of the projects hit me and I just made the decision to not go today. Besides, with the amount of punishment I’ve been dolling out to my knees and legs, I think letting them have a day off to relax is a good thing. I’ll be back on track on Monday morning, anyway. Not to mention that since I’ll have this weekend pretty much to myself at work (unlike last week), this means I’ll be able to get some unfinished homework assignments done. That’s also a very good thing.

I’ll have more to say later, I’m sure, but that’s all for now.

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