The Diet, The Plan, The Willpower…

Monday, I began what I call the DDR Diet. This is sort of an exercise regimen I’ve embarked upon. Here’s the plan, basically:

1. DDR for at least one hour every day. This is a pretty good workout.
2. Restricted to one large meal or two small meals per day.
3. Snacking is restricted to baby carrot, fruits, or water.
4. Water is now my drink of choice. No soda. OJ is okay.
5. I’m allowed 2,000 calories a week, I’m actually thinking about raising this considering the exercise involved.

Extra DDR is good, but when the dogs bark, it’s time to take them home. While an hour was sufficient, I’ve been pushing myself a little harder. For example, Wednesday I did 4.5 hours total.

As for food, it’s been pretty much that Subway sandwich thing for the time being. I actually did the research and figured out that the sandwiches are okay, like twice or three times a week at the outside. But the calories put together is too much over 2,000, if I were to eat them every day. With all due respect to Jared, I’d like to stick to my guns on this one. And I don’t even like Subway to begin with. I just get roast beef with mustard and lettuce, or turkey breast with just lettuce. Mustard and turkey don’t go together, as far as I’m concerned. I figured so long as I stay away from mayo, I’ll be fine. Otherwise, I can also eat salads, with chicken. Or make myself a hot dog (beleive it or not, a hot dog isn’t high in calories at all).

I’ve been drinking nothing but water all week. I have Pepsi’s in my mini-fridge, but I haven’t touched them. There’s also this Twisted Tea that Todd bought and left… but I’m not a big drinker, so, that’s easy to avoid.

Salt is also a big deal with me. Lower my salt intake helps me lose all the water weight I’m carrying around. But once that’s gone, then the real work begins.

I’ll start reporting weight and stuff here, soon enough. I have to buy a damn scale, first.

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    • ke4shc on May 3, 2002 at 14:50

    Sounds good, all but the caloric intake is way too low for anyone. now 1000-2000 per /day/ is normal when dieting. Also make sure you get plenty of nutrients as well. 2000 per week is very low. that’s around 300 per day. You’ll begin cutting into the muscle tissue very quickly with that low of an caloric intake. Also watch out for the hot dogs, they may be low calorie, but unless they’re reduced fat/fat-free they’re very high in fat and also sodium. Hope you do well and keep it up I need to begin something similar as well.

    • jetblack on May 3, 2002 at 15:04

    The intent is to cut into the fat, which is the first thing that will get burned. And I only eat Turkey dogs 😉

    • saebel on May 5, 2002 at 03:06

    2000 calories per WEEK is going to kill you.
    That’s a bad crash diet; it doesn’t allow for much of anything to be processed in the body. More likely than not, your body’ll slow down its metabolism to compensate for the lack of food… thus giving you the quite opposite result of what you’re intending.

    Also, keep in mind that a /little/ fat is good for your body – cutting it out completely isn’t healthy, either. Moderation + exercise + hydration is healthier than counting calories.

    • jetblack on May 5, 2002 at 10:50

    Ahem. Yes, I’ve been informed that I was misinformed. I read ‘week’ where it actually day ‘day’. Doh. What about 1000 calories a day, instead?

    — ZC

    • saebel on May 12, 2002 at 19:13

    I realize this is a rather belated reply, but still, I firmly think that it’s not a smart idea.

    Try this link:

    It’s supposed to help you try to calculate what’s best for losing weight gradually based on your body and daily habits (sorta). Nothing beats a real dietitian, but it should give a better estimate than that insane thing of 1000 calories/day. Holy jesus, I sometimes eat that much in one sitting!


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