Today’s Anime Selection: Video Girl Ai

I finished Initial D: Second Stage, and all I can say about it is that I started playing that Tokyo Street Racing game on the PS2 again. Initial D is an amazing anime series, and I did enjoy it enough to start being a little more observant about cars and street racing. Not that I consider myself an expert, but Initial D’s technical stuff was pretty accurate, according to my dad. My father is an amateur mechanic, but he rebuilt his old 1972 Mustang, so I’m inclined to go with his opinion on cars. In fact, we got so into it, that both of us started playing that racing game, and he was pointing out the gear shift timing problems on the car I was using. It’s pretty cool when I can share anime with my dad, who’s not really into it to begin with.

Today, though, I sat down and watched Video Girl Ai for the millionth time. Eh, I needed something weepy and sappy for today, not to mention that I reread all the mange I had for that series last night while I was at work…

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