Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, the Craigslist, and Me

I’ve been neck-deep in watching the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the DVD set), since I borrowed it on Monday from Todd. I own the first season on DVD and it was really good, very funny. The writing for Buffy is pretty amazing, but then when you’re watching it, you have to remember that Joss Whedon is one dark motherfucker. I mean, Buffy isn’t supposed to full of happy endings. In short, I really like this guy’s style. I would call it a dark comedy… but I don’t get that sense, in the style of Kubrick being dark comedy or Heathers being dark comedy.

Anyway, this entire week has been spent pretty much either at the arcade, turning my legs into twin spires of jelly or recuperating with personal bachelor cuisine and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I did the usual, went to Karen’s on Thursday night for the weekly dorama absorption. Hit the batting cages. But this week has been pretty much devoted to my Buffy fandom. I’ve been reading up on the seasons following the second, and I’m pretty sure that I now need to go buy my own copy of the second season, along with any future seasons that end up coming out.

In other news, I’ve recently discovered Craigslist, which is general a community mailing list with a web front end to read posts. I’ve subscribed myself to three lists. One has to do with the selling of computers and computer parts, which I’m always in the market for anyway. One is about available apartments in certain price ranges, as I need to not live with mom and grandma anymore. The last is casual encounters, which is primarily about 95% of really horny guys in the Bay Area looking for a quick one night stand. Now, I’ve not answered any of the ads, but oh my god… I have pissed myself laughing. Some of these guys are just fucking brazen with their ads, and it makes my shift pass a little quicker when I’m just laughing too hard to care how boring it can get sometimes. I realize that might seem cruel, but I couldn’t care less. It’s very entertaining. Though, I do wonder… do women really lower themselves to answering these freaks? I hope not. Geez.

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