I Stopped Chewing my Nails, so now I Bite my Lips Instead

Monday, I stopped by my mother’s house to pick up some old mail and some new mail. One of the envelopes I picked up was a large thick one from the divorce center I went though to facilitate it. Apparently, we have more papers to sign, which kind of sucks because I sort of thought that the whole divorce signing crap was pretty much over and done with. All that was left was the need to wait the six months to prove to the judge that we’re just utterly incompatible. The State of California requires that we wait on that simply to make certain we’re sure that we’re doing the right thing. To be honest, at this late of a date it’s pretty much a done deal no matter what, so I wish the judge would simply bang the gavel, sentence me to time already served and be done with it.

This week has been pretty damned hectic, though. I’ve been blazing a trail through the third part of my series, since Bellerophon was published last weekend. Constitution is not going to be anything spectacular, but it’s provided a pleasant escape from which I don’t have to face the trials of having to set up a meeting time and place and then relive the whole saga again. No matter how much I try and no matter how much I prepare myself for the moment of signing more papers, it still kills a little bit each time. Every time, it’s like a big pressure I have to endure as the reality of the situation is pounded into me. It’s like the big flag being waved in your face to remind you that something you made an attempt at was a complete failure. I don’t like being a failure in anything I do, but the result of that cannot be denied.

This week, I decided to try to play an RPG again, so I asked Todd if I could borrow Suikoden II. I’m not sure how many of you have played it, but I’ve been a big fan of the first game and my limited understanding of the second game tells me I’ll enjoy it just as well. So far, I’ve been unable to find any other role-playing game which has been able to continue the story from the previous game with enough good writing to keep it interesting. I know that the Breath of Fire series and the upcoming Xenogears sequel (upcoming as in it hasn’t been released in the US yet) hang onto the story, but I’ve never really played those. I’m more of a Square fan, but Konami has also had that one hit to make me keep coming back for more. Anyway, since Suikoden II allows you to interact with the main character from Suikoden I, it also has a special section if you completed the first game with all 108 characters alive and intact. Therefore, I’m going back to the first game and playing it all the way through to make sure I have all 108 characters before moving to Suikoden II. And at the rate of my playing, along with my desire to keep a pulse on the National League Division Series (the Giants are playing the Braves this week and have so far tied the series at one game), might stretch that goal all the way to Christmas at this rate.

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