The previous post mentioned that I had already booked my Tuesday night with an activity, and that activity was going with my friends Karen, Bruce, and Patricia, along with Todd and Jody, to go to the Mercado 20 and watch the American version of Ringu (The Ring) on the big screen. I’m normally not given to watching movies of any suspenseful or scary nature, simply because I had what one may refer to as a hyperactive imagination and therefore am particularly suggestive when it comes to freaking me out. Movies such as The Sixth Sense spooked me to hell and back, but this movie (and for those who’ve already seen it, you can either make fun of me or agree) is going to prevent me from sleeping for a little while longer than usual. Ugh.

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    • wanderingfool on November 12, 2002 at 22:19

    There’s no shame in being given a long-term case of the heebie jeebies by a movie. In the case of “The Ring,” it’s supposed to be extraordinarily scary. My arts editor, who’s a pretty jaded fellow, had the pants scared off him by this flick.

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