Last week, I faced down something I have not faced down in a really long time: a threat to end a life. Now, for those of you who know me well enough to remember, I really dislike it when others, in a very serious vein, start showing a complete disregard for others’ lives as well as their own. Talk about suicide and depression really get me going on the overall value of life in general. I can accept a certain level of humor about death, but when the reality of someone talking about just ending it is understood, then it’s no laughing matter. I don’t think I’ve met a single person who doesn’t feel similiarly. With that said, let’s talk about people who say they’re going to commit suicide, get people involved, only to find out it was just a cry for attention.

I have no respect for anyone who plays with people’s emotions like that. I was in a position to witness the amount of pain caused, the tears shed over this possibility and the subsequent depression that comes along with hearing one of your friends go off somewhere and actually count down to their own demise, then turn around and play as if it were a joke. This is no joke, when I’m having to comfort someone else because of their utter thoughtless and inconsiderate behavior to such a degree. It’s one thing to be standing over a ledge, but it’s entirely another when you’ve convinced someone online that you’re going to end your life over a really stupid reason, and they’re now trying everything possible to prevent it. And all this person did was to call attention to himself to see who cares about him enough to stop him… that is just bullshit.

He hasn’t even bothered to apologize for his actions. Is it no wonder I treat him with complete disrespect?

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