There’s been something of a deluge of web-based comics out there lately. It used to be really cool when it was just UserFriendly and perhaps only a handful of others. And I recall exactly how cool it was to read Megatokyo for the first time ever waaaay back in the day. But then you suddenly had these utter craptacular excuses for webcomics like Okashina Okashi and that one comic that looks like Colorforms mutilated by crayolas and made to dance around for the barest minimum amusement. Or, you have these really awesome story-based comics like Avalon or Cool Cat Studio, only to find out that either the artist is incredibly lazy or plays tortured artist and gives up. My wrath knew no bounds when Legace gave up Cool Cat Studio, I was so disappointed by the sudden lack of weird sexual tension between seven people working at an art design company that I about stopped reading web comics altogether. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when one gets used to reading deep threads like that, one cannot help but start to form emotional attachments to it. I guess that’s why I love romantic comedies or just romantic stories in general.

I still read UserFriendly and Megatokyo religiously, as well as Angst Technology. And then there are my guilty pleasure comics, like Sinfest, Sexy Losers (formerly known as the Thin H Line), and now Something Positive. I caught the URL on AnimeMUCK in the Abcb from Ukyo, who just mentioned that she thought that day’s installment was rather amusing. And I have to say that going through every comic in the archive has given me new hope for the future of web comics and the quality of material. Finally, we have a no-holds-barred social comic that literally fucks with you. Sexy Losers tends to do that, but you kind of have to admit that it’s not as subtle as the humor in Something Positive. SP will not only own you, but if you’ve got problems with laughing at the twisted humor that has so far resulted in a pink boneless skinless cat, and a naked midget… then don’t go read this comic. Otherwise, I suggest you put aside a couple of days to read through the mini threads and the one shots, and simply have a good time.

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