Back to School, Week One

If you haven’t already heard by now, I’ve returned to college. Just like last year, except I’m hoping that this year will yield much better results. I’m taking Japanese, Algebra, History, and Philosophy. The first two require my presence at school, while the other two are being taken online. I find this to be a good deal, considering how boring the lectures can get, though something tells me that I might benefit from group discussion in philosophy at times. I started classes on Monday, beginning with a 0900 math and ending with a 1000 Japanese class. Two days in, and I’m already requiring a bit of assistance from my friend who’s practically a year ahead of me in studying the language. As for math, I completed my homework for this week on Monday night. Nothing like zooming through basic concepts at the beginning of the year. I’m looking forward to being challenged, and so far that hasn’t really happened yet. Don’t get me wrong; under normal circumstances, I find myself grasping at certain concepts of math, but so far so good. I just hope that the rest of the quarter is just as easy as this week. History is one of my favorite subjects to study, so I’m really getting into the subject so far. The online version of this course is limited to doing a lecture a week. Instead of having to sit through it without interjection or question/answer sessions, I would much rather read it than listen to it. That’s just my own personal preference, as the spoken lecture can tend to be arduous to listen to, especially if the speaker is boring or monotonous.

Today, however, I’m going to blow off Japanese (I’ve already done the prep work for today, including the structure drills we were going to go over) and take my dad to San Francisco for the Padres @ Giants game at Pac Bell Park. My father loves baseball as much as I do, and every year I take him to a ballgame for his birthday. This year, he turns sixty, so I expect to drive home a not-quite sober dad. Which is fine. Baseball is a means to an end, I suppose, but I actually love watching. I think it sucks hard that the Giants had their win streak broken last night by the Padres, but either way, it’s going to be a pretty fun day. A day at the ballpark is better than any other day, and I hope this to be the first of many visits (to top last year’s record 10 trips) to Pac Bell. One of these seasons, I’m going to have to break down and get myself season tickets. Of course, in thinking on that, the expense of driving to the city every day would really start to bite in hard against my income, so I’m pretty sure I should wait until a time when dropping a couple of grand doesn’t make me bat an eyelash, huh?

Time for school…

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