Too Early to Tell

I try to stay out of politics, though I do vote. I read the issues, try to stay away from the propoganda by keeping the channel permanently tuned to Playboy TV (which still did not save me from political ads… they ran Mary Carey ads every hour), stayed away from news media outlets such as CNN and watched postseason baseball.

Do I care about California’s politics? I do, but I don’t need to keep my finger to the pulse so much as to color my own views about what’s just and what’s spin. I don’t care about Arnold’s indiscretions or Cruz’ funds. What I do care about is who’s right for the job. I’m registered as a Libertarian, but I vote Democrat. I voted for Gore, and before that I voted for Clinton. Did I vote for the actor? No. Why? No experience running a state government. I voted for Davis last year, because despite all the problems California faced, I felt he was the best person for the job out of the applicants.

I view most elections like employers look at employees. Out of the applicants coming to me for this job, who is the best one for the job? Do I go with a guy who spent most of his career doing something other than public service? Or do I go with a person who’s devoted his career toward this end? I go with the guy I think is going to do it right. Arnold is Arnold and he sure his popular, but it’s like asking me to suddenly be something I’m not.

Public service is supposed to be for anyone, but this is not a brand new country anymore. The act of public service is no longer the ideal that our founding fathers wanted. Ordinary people stepping up and taking a swing at doing their part for others and then returning to private life. We have career politicians, now, and even training associated with that track. It’s no longer as it was, so as the game progresses through time and the “industry” evolves, so must we evolve in our thinking. I would love for my neighbor to run for governor and do it for one term and then come back… that’s just fantasy.

If Arnold is our new governor, then he’s got his work cut out for him. I’d say the same for anyone inheriting this mess called California. I’m not sure how a Republican will fix it all in three years, let alone a Democrat, Green Party or even a Libertarian. I think maybe when he gets into office, Arnold will truly understand exactly what he’s undertaking. Who knows? Maybe there will be another recall campaign next year.

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