Yeah, I’ve gone over the deep end with this series. These little guys have invaded my soul, because I can’t get enough of this damn show! I would like to officially curse Soldats for working on Monster instead of Keroro Gunsou like they should. I ventured over to their forums, and they are getting /killed/ by the fans for not working on Keroro and putting out Monster over the summer months. They’re claiming their taking a vacation, but they can’t say that when over the last month, they’ve put out 5 episodes of this other series 😛 No one’s watching Monster, guys, the masses have spoken.

Now, a word about fansubbers in general:

Claim #1: We’re not doing this for any kind of recognition. Yeah, bullshit. If you truly weren’t doing this for recognition, then sub it and distribute it to your friends only. Don’t create a website or forums for people to feed your egos.

Claim #2: We don’t owe you anything! No, you don’t (technically). But when you keep up a certain pace and set expectations, then you suffer the failure of those expectations. You can’t honestly expect not to get whipped by people when you fail them, even if it’s a free service. And you know what I say about free service? Due to complaints about the free service, there will no longer be any free service.

As you can see, I have a short fuse when my bullshit-o-meter buries the fucking needle. I’ve worked with fansub groups in the past; so I have a nominal understanding of what these groups go through, but to say one thing (we’re on vacation) and then do another (put out episodes of a shitty anime), how the hell can you expect us to beleive you? Either put out or close shop, guys. Seriously.

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