There’s nothing like a good road trip to open up the soul. I don’t know what it is about road trips that I love so much, but the prospect of long trips in a car with friends is often the start of a recipe for memorable antics. Transplanting people from their everyday lives to a new environment and freedom from the mundanity that is life seems to just kick-start the basis of which convention anecdotes are made from. Anime Expo is one of the those times when road trips tend to open people up.

The trick to a good road trip is music. Music is a good conversation starter, so you have to be sure to put together a mix of music that everyone will appreciate and at the very least you can play Name the Tune to break the ice. This is pretty helpful when you have new people on the trip; people who’re in need of being drawn out. After that, you can start with the jokes and the antics. Oh, and if someone sleeps or breaks out with the portable game system, don’t be offended or think that they’re not listening. They are, trust me. I remember one year when that happened and we told a joke and even though it was lame, the guy in the back seat erupted with insane laughter. That just started a whole other round of guffaws, because insane laughter is also infectious laughter.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’ll be reporting from Seattle as the days go by!

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