Action always seems to work best when trying to solve a problem, rather than complaining about it. I get really frustrated with people who sit back and get off on bitching about something without actually offering a viable solution or if they’re in a position to, effect the solution toward resolution. I hate wasted effort, and I hate inefficiencies with a passion, so complaining without action is as effective as trying to a hang a fart in a hurricane.

If you don’t like me, fucking say so. If you don’t care for what I do, then fucking tell me. If I’m causing a problem for you or your plans, locate some testicular fortitude and communicate that. But if you’re going to be a passive aggresive asshole who just nods and smiles because you think I won’t like you, then the bottom line is, you’re going to lose not only my respect but likely any shred of friendship. I don’t respect passive-aggressives, and I can’t tolerate them for long stretches of time. If I shoot straight and am up front, then I expect the same respect.

It’s unfortunate that what I’d like and the reality I live in do not intersect. I imagine a lot less fighting and time-wasting bullshit would actually help everyone get what they fucking want.

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