On July 23rd of this year, my life pretty much changed forever. Today being November 23rd, it’s been four months since then, and I wanted to write a post about how I feel since then.

No one ever said that this was going to be easy. Relationships rarely are in the general shouting distance of easy, if they’re worth anything to anyone. Even friendships have their problems that must be worked through. Julia and I have had our respective experiences and bring the wisdom gained to the table. I try my best to be as understanding as I possibly can with her, and I know she does the same for me. Although we encounter the occasional rough patch, it never seems to last longer than it should. It doesn’t get dragged out or saved for later as a grudge to be held when the next argument surfaces like others tend to do.

We’re learning more about each other every day, and she’s understanding me better as I come to understand her. I think most times, she’s a little surprised by my reaction, or lack thereof, but that was just in the first month or so. Now, it seems like she and I are communicating better. We’re certainly not yet sick of our respective company. She’s a little bewildered by my continued presence; I think she thinks I’m going to get sick of her and take off, but I don’t forsee that happening at all. If I get sick of someone, I’ll get that feeling from the beginning and so far I’ve not had that feeling at all. Julia doesn’t have anything to be insecure about in the slightest. I’m here to stay.

Every now and again, we’ll see a commercial for eHarmony.com or Match.com about tips on how to land that perfect someone, and we exchange that knowing glance like, “Yeah, we don’t need it.” It’s a great sappy feeling and I love it.

I love her.

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