Graphical Tomfoolery

I dabble a little bit with graphic art; mostly because I wanted to make my encyclopedia a little more colorful than simply writing a bunch of words. I’d been working on unit patches for some of the fictional ships in my universe, and I thought I would share the ones that required me to use Japanese lettering:

Unit Patch for the CSS Taiho (BB-01) Unit Patch for the CSS Akagi (BB-06)

I used Paint Shop Pro, and it probably shows that. The kanji for both says “Space Battleship” (Uchuu Senkan) and then the name of the ship. Both are named for World War II carriers, the Taiho and the Akagi. I have a bunch more made, but I’m not sure if anyone even wanted to see these ones to begin with 😛 If they’re red x’s, then livejournal sucks right now. They’ve been loading intermittently for me.

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