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My wife told me that I don’t post anymore, and I was trying to figure out why. I’ve also kind of stopped reading posts, too. Have I outgrown LJ?

Since getting married back in April, I feel as though I’ve found where I needed to be emotionally. Though each and every day is something of a new adventure when you really think about it, the most difficult aspect of being in a lifetime committment is also having to work an opposite schedule than your spouse. Work, on the other hand, is at a pace that’s benefitting my writing, which is good because I really need to re-finish Knight Commander before the end of the month. Abbie’s coming out next weekend and staying with us as she’s attending yet another Bay Area wedding this year. Fortunately, my work schedule will allow me to see her two of the days she’s staying with us. But if I don’t have a re-completed document, I’ll be sure to face down her ire over it. 🙂

I decided this year to not do any new year’s resolutions. I completed all of them last year, including finishing the novel (which ended up getting revised so much that it became incomplete again). This year, I’m not going say that I’m going to get published because it’s unrealistic. I don’t have much in the way of goals toward my love life, because I got married to and my goals insofar as that is concerned is pretty much to keep on loving her the way I always have. I’m not completely without goals, it’s just that they’re best left without a time limit of a year.

Anyway, if I seem like I’m not reading your posts, I apologize. Occasionally, I’ll comment and you guys know when I do, but hey… it’s not like I’m a big fixture in the community to begin with. Those that know how to get a hold of me do. 🙂

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