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LOL. SantorumBlog linked to me, because of my post about Santorum losing. Apparently, I’m a far-leftie! I’m representing the far-left vote! I think maybe 5 people read this blog, but I guess I have to say thanks to John for providing me with a bigger microphone than usual.

Much obliged, John! 🙂 And don’t forget: D is for Victory!

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    • hellixe on December 19, 2006 at 13:37

    I felt the need to go comment on his site, since I read it and he was downright out there. How can anyone blame the election results so solidly on one thing? I didn’t follow the link the first time you posted it, but this last time I felt curious and went and read it.

    • mslauren2930 on December 19, 2006 at 13:48

    that is AWESOME! 🙂

    • maggiesox on December 19, 2006 at 15:26

    This warms the cockles of my far leftist heart. I think I’ll go burn a flag in celebration!

    • digitalred93 on December 19, 2006 at 16:15

    Congratulations on joining the left!

    I write political SF as well. Are you familiar with Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Shadow series? Good stuff if you’re into SF and politics.

    Not sure why my post was deleted but I’m getting pretty worked up over this guy ripping off Sorkin & Co.

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 16:20

    Heh, thanks. 🙂

    Very familiar, actually. I sat in on OSC’s workshop during one of the Worldcons three or four years ago. Very eye-opening.

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 16:20

    I’m thinking of super-sizing my ACLU membership card and sending it to him.

    • digitalred93 on December 19, 2006 at 16:25

    Are you a member of SFWA, by chance? I sit on the Nebula Script Jury.

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 16:29

    Nope. Never been published, unfortunately. I’m actually considering self-publishing my collection of short stories and trying to market it myself. My first novel, Knight Commander, as soon as I’m done with the sixth pass on it, I’m intending to start shopping for representation.

    • digitalred93 on December 19, 2006 at 17:21

    Good luck on the novel. I’m in rewrites on the last 10% of mine for an agent that’s interested. I’m so sick of this thing I could vomit!

    I just finished reading OSC’s EMPIRE. I don’t recommend it. Very right wing, not really SF. For the first time, I feel like I wasted 20 bucks.

    • saebel on December 19, 2006 at 17:30

    I wonder if it has occurred to him that some Republicans didn’t stay home… but voted for the other side.

    I mean, after all, people did that to elect the Governator.

    • saebel on December 19, 2006 at 17:31

    I love both of you for these comments. Not that you know who I am, 🙂

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 18:43

    Thanks, and thanks for the warning.

    Actually, the book I’m reading right now is John Birmingham’s Weapons of Choice, which is the first part of the Axis of Time trilogy. It’s pretty good, though there are parts where I grimace. I love alternate histories. 🙂

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 19:14


    • digitalred93 on December 19, 2006 at 19:31

    I’m a big fan of alternate histories also – my novel is an alternate history/time travel story.

    Not the same subgenre but have you read Toby Buckell’s Crystal Rain?

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 19:39

    I finished Stirling’s Nantucket trilogy earlier this year, and started in on the Emberverse… which was unfortunately not as good as his Nantucket series. :/ I also got done watching Zipang for my radio show back in September and it was fantastic (though technically inaccurate at times). The history major in me surfaces while reading stuff like this. 🙂

    No, I haven’t read Crystal Rain, but I just read the Publisher’s Weekly review of it and it’s… strange. “Unusual for the genre, the many victims of torture and death are evenly divided between males and females.” … the hell?

    • digitalred93 on December 19, 2006 at 20:16

    Lousy comment – makes no sense. Toby’s a damn good writer. His stuff has appeared in F&SF and other places. I enjoyed the book quite a bit and am looking forward to reading the sequel.

    If you like politics and SF, have you read Allen Steele’s Coyote trilogy. 21st century Heinlein. Probably my favorite post 2000 writer.

    What did you think of Stirling’s books?

    • jetblack on December 19, 2006 at 20:35

    No, but you’re not the first person to recommend Steele to me. My friend who pointed me toward Stirling also pointed me toward Steele, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Nantucket series. I have this affinity for strong female characters in leadership roles, such as Forstchen’s Svetlana from the Wing Commander series or Griffin’s Ernestine Sage in The Corps series. So reading the story where the lead military officer is a female Coast Guard captain was a direct hit to my frontal lobe. I thought he did an excellent job of keeping the action paced well, while also taking some time to keep his readers in the know with the history lessons. It’s pretty obvious Stirling does extensive research and I could find little fault historically to distract from the ensemble he managed to weave and keep my interest.

    If I had to pick something negative to say, it’s the fact that in contrast to the first two books, I found the final installment to be severely lacking. I felt less interested in the exploration team trying to make it to the Pacific Ocean and the ending of the trilogy left me feeling like he just pushed me off a cliff into the denouement. I was kind of disappointed by the way it ended, but I really enjoyed the journey getting there more. I hope he doesn’t abandon the Nantuckers for the Emberverse, because I thought he did a pretty good job overall and all it needs is a solid follow-up.

    Emberverse was bleh. Dies the Fire was a solid base hit, but I felt disconnected from the main characters… there wasn’t any bond like there was with the Nantucketers. :/

    • champion on December 19, 2006 at 22:16

    Rick Santorum is a bible thumping prick who deserved to be sent home. That idiot took an oath to uphold the Constitution – NOT the Bible. I can’t imagine what our country would look like under President Santorum. The good people of Pennsylvania finally saw him for the extreme whack job he is. He didn’t lose the election because of the liberal media or because of the far left soiling his legacy. Nope. He lost the election because his record and his stances on the issues of the day don’t coincide with the average voter in his state.

    Good riddance.

    • flashfire on December 21, 2006 at 07:35

    I feel the need to post this photo here and in that original entry, just in case any of the nutjobs from SantorumBlog come over:

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