The Looong Week

The nice thing about working where I work is the fact that I split my shifts with project days. I usually work three project days to seven shift days, which also allows my coworker to switch off a week with me over whether we get one day that week or two days that week devoted to project days. The problem with this kind of switching is that if it happens to be a week where one of us is sick and it’s a single project day week (and we take that night off), it totally screws the other person.

My coworker went on vacation two weeks ago and I had to work a five shift night. The next week, I needed a day off to decompress from the nightly siege and that extended my coworker’s week by a day (though admittedly, he only worked four days). This week, though, he decided to take a night off right at the beginning and it dicked me out of the only project night I had! He was sick, though, so I couldn’t really blame him, but still.

Anyway, this week has been pretty long already, but the nights have just been filled with problems. Things that usually work are not working, and it means I have to babysit processes that don’t typically need babysitting. It’s just the last few nights have been a bit more stressful, because these jobs are critical to the business side, and they get pretty edgy when it doesn’t happen. I’ve been on edge a bit more than usual, and I nearly tore my relief’s head off when he kept asking me the same questions over and over again. One of my biggest pet peeves is repeating myself. It’s compounded when I know that I wasn’t mumbling and even more so when he said he understood me. Bleh.

Needless to say, I’m working for the weekend this week.

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