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With the show having returned since last September, I was wondering if any of my listeners cared to give me some feedback. When I return, I’m intending on making some possible changes to the format of the show, but I wanted to solicit some advice from the people who basically help make WTF possible: the listeners.

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  1. I like the set up now as it has been, the talk of things like 80’s cartoons were really good and would maybe like to see episodes like that down the road. You keep up the good work 
    Michael. Wish you and Shon all the best with keeping those good times roll with Japanaradio and the WTF show and all you guys do.

  2.  Thanks for the feedback, Shawn. 🙂

  3. It’s hard to improve on what is already great…but the best idea I’m coming up with is maybe more focused shows.

    Like 1st Friday would be more anime news and such
    2nd more on games
    3rd could be something focused…maybe not as random as the letter m too often but sometimes
    4th more on series in the past like 7+ yrs
    if a 5th friday fell during the month then just…a bit of everything all over the board with WTF moments almost every set

    I don’t mean that whatever categories are have to fall under those days…if there’s a big new release say the 22nd go ahead and mention and remind it the show before. It just could be more themed each week.

    I figure with people that listen part of the time and have certain preferences, it’d pull them in more likely during that particular week and they’d enjoy it more while not as much on other weeks.

    • Anonymous on February 14, 2012 at 16:56

    Jet It is hard improve the WTF show because it is already good but I can think of three things to add to the show have a list of anime cons that are happening around the country also have tips on cosplay or where to get good deals on anime

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