WTF: Show Discussion Thread – 2/24/2012

Here be the discussion thread for tonight’s WTF Show with me!


  1. I don’t follow sports.  For all I know, the Chicago Bulls could win the next Superbowl.

  2.  Not if the Wild takes them out in the World Series first.

  3. You know, I remember winning a prize, but I don’t remember what I won, and i have no idea when it arrives..

  4. Tenchi Muyo was created by Masaki Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi I think.

  5. 梶島正樹(Kajishima Masaki) and 林宏樹 (Hayashi Hiroki), they are the two creators of Tenchi muyo.

  6. Masaki Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi.

  7. The three goddesses of Tenchi Muyo! are Washu, Tsunami and Tokimi.

  8.  Congratulations on winning!  Please send in your info to contests @ japanaradio dot com.  Name, address and which one you’d like, Xbox or PS3 :)

  9. quick question why did I win when the two ahead of me answered correctly as well?

  10. Tokimi, Tsunami and Washu are the three goddesses of Tenchi Muyo!

  11. The Chousin in Tenchi Muyo are Washu, Tsunami and Tokimi

  12. Tenchi Muyo! 3 goddesses are Tsunami, Little Washuuu, and Tokimi

  13.  LOL, near disqualification for using the English form of Washu’s name :P  Just kidding though  ;)

  14.  The choushin are Tokimi, Tsunami and Washu

  15.  Random draw.  We pick a number between 1 and 3 and yours was drawn.

  16. Thanks did my email go through?

  17.  I believe it did, thank you very much.  You have a reply, I think :)

  18. Hi there from Dan. The 3 
    Choushin are Tsunami, Washu,  and Tokimi. :)

  19. Feel like someone asked before but have you tried any fundraising sites like Kickstarter?

  20.  We don’t qualify for Kickstarter.

  21.  Congratulations, Dan.  We’ll need your preference and info sent to contests at japanaradio dot com.

  22.  Heh.  Someone asks this every other week.

  23. Unfortunately I come from a small country town where the total number of anime fans in the whole town was like 4. No conventions for me :/


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