The Autumn Dream

I have awoken from the Autumn Dream.

Some short comments:

– akai SKY was awesome, and should have played last in the Battle of the Bands.
– Stage Crew ruled all.
– It’s too bad we never got the Internet to work.
– I may be too old to pull 22 hour days.
– My feet staged a coup on Sunday night and now there is a new regime in place. The political situation is unstable.
– Transformers was never so much fun.
– Road trips are much longer and more dangerous when you’re dead-ass tired and sitting behind the wheel.
– Earth!
– Arcee only has 512k of RAM.
– Three days of shuffling cards and dealing Texas Hold ’em made my fingers hurt.
– High school drama is more fun when it doesn’t involve me.
– Baseball’s fun when you have people to share it with. Watching the Tribe (with help from the local insects) kill the Yankees in Cleveland was awesome.
– I really didn’t want to leave on Sunday.
– If only Ani-Magic could have been a four-day event instead of three…

Weight Loss…



Second, I have decided to not drive in to work (except Sundays and holidays) and take the bus. I have to walk to the bus stop, which is about 10 minutes from the apartment, and then another 10 minutes from the stop at work to my building. So, round trip forces me walking 40 minutes a day, plus maybe 5 minutes of walking around between the buildings per day, depending on where my meetings and classes are.

What I’m looking to do is drop at least 25 pounds in the next six months, which I feel is a doable goal. I’m not looking to lose a whole mess of weight overnight; I know this is going to take a little time and effort. But I think the decision to use public transit is a step in the right direction.

Click on the image and add yourself as a motivator, if you’d like to.

To my friends out there in Radioland…

If you love Internet Radio, you need to read this right now. It’s in danger, and needs your help.

As you may be aware, in 2002, the Library of Congress (LOC), under a recommendation from the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel (CARP), required that Internet radio stations pay prohibitively high royalty rates for the music they stream to listeners. After a failed appeal made by both webcasters and copyright owners, and a series of unsuccessful negotiations between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Internet radio stations, Congress created the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) under the Library of Congress to determine new royalty fees.

Under an agreement reached in 2002, internet radio stations are required to pay royalties which constitute about 6 to 12 percent of the stations’ revenues. However, this agreement has expired, and the CRB recently proposed raising the amount that commercial internet radio services pay to record companies by up to 30 percent.

Thirty percent is a big number to throw at thousands of small webcasters across the nation. And on top of that, even the big casters like Yahoo, Rhapsody, and are being hit as they fall under the same classification as the little guy. This means that by mid-July, if this decision is not successfully nullified by House Resolution 2060 and Senate Resolution 1353, the landscape of Internet Radio will change dramatically. Small webcasters will have no choice but to go pirate and not pay a dime to the artists and risk being sued, or shut down outright. The CRB is effectively telling us that the price of democracy is currency, not choice.

If you love Internet Radio and want to help save it, you need to visit and use the information there to contact your Senators and Congressman and urge them to co-sponsor the bills in Congress that would reverse this horrible decision. If you’re already done so, then spread the word. If you’re a website owner, please grab a banner and put it up on your site today, to emphasize why June 26th was chosen as the National Day of Silence for participating Internet Radio stations, including my own Japan-A-Radio, Yahoo LaunchCast Radio, Rhapsody Radio, and 10,000 stations at

Help us get the message out today. Help us Save Internet Radio.


I know, it’s been ages since I’ve posted. Rest assured, I’ve been reading LJ when I get a chance to, but if you ask around, you’ll know I’ve been pretty much tied up with work. So, for those of you who dare, feel free to click on the cut link below.

Where to begin? I started my job with Yahoo back in the last week of March and I was writing that things were going pretty well. They’re still going well for the most part, but one of the most overwhelming things about the job is that it’s incredibly challenging at times. Yahoo’s NOC is more like a NOC on steroids, where we don’t just support one property (or part of the site), but we support 30. So things like YMail, Messenger, Mobile, etc… all of those have different procedures you have to follow (ie: runbook) and sometimes each one wants you to perform the same task in a different manner. It’s somewhat stupid… but let’s say Mail, Messenger, Mobile, and Mingle (Yahoo 360) all run sshd. If sshd ever goes down, they’ll all want you to restart it, of course, but each one is going to want you to restart it using a different command. So, it’s not as easy as one might think, because it’s not as autonomous as other NOCs I’ve worked with, because of the simple fact that each property feels like they have to hand down procedure that’s specific to them. It’s like each property is striving for individuality, even if perhaps you know better about how restart procs… it doesn’t matter to them. So, it makes learning that much harder, but the best part of that is that the runbooks are pretty well documented, so even if I forget, I can always reference it. I guess, though, after a while, you just know it because you’ve done it so many times before.

The most recent problem I’ve been having is my work schedule. I was originally hired for grave shift, but I worked days for three weeks before moving to the swing shift, and then I was working there for another two before I got moved to grave shift (the first time). I sat on grave, for three weeks before my boss moved me back to a half-swing/half-grave shift. Needless to say, it’s been throwing my sleep cycle for a loop, and making plans outside of work suffers because of the inconsistancies with the shift schedule. A lot of things have suffered because of it; I haven’t been writing at all, I haven’t been able to continue working on my radio show with Jesse and Shon, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend with my wife during the day, especially when she’s at school, so there’ve been days where I didn’t see her until just before leaving for my shift sometimes. I’m hoping that once I get to a shift where I know it’s going to be stable, I’ll be able to resume my hobbies… unfortunately for me and others, that’s not going to be until late July or early August at this point.

This also means that I can’t go to AX. For the second year in a row. I’ve never missed two years in a row… EVER. I might have to go to another convention to make up for it, but this sucks so hard you have no idea. AX is my favorite con of the year.

Anyway, my life’s pretty much been about training for this job and working as hard as I can so I can get converted to full-time employment and have medical insurance. Which I’m looking forward to having again.

In the meantime, I’m turning 31 in three days, thereby closing the book on the first thirty years of my life. I’ll post some New Year’s resolutions, hopefully.

The No Stars League

On the advice of my wife and Tap, I have created a Keeper Crap League!

To those on my friends list who hate certain players, be advised.. this league promotes crappy play and comes down harsh on good play. Here how things will get scored:

Singles (1B) -1 Doubles (2B) -2
Triples (3B) -3 Home Runs (HR) -4
Total Bases (TB) -1 Walks (BB) -1
Runs Scored (R) -2 Runs Batted In (RBI) -2
Stolen Bases (SB) -4 Strikeouts (K) 2
Ground into Double Plays (GIDP) 5 Grand Slam Home Runs (GSHR) -20
Game Winning RBI (GWRBI) -10 Hits (H) -1
Extra Base Hits (XBH) -5 Double Plays Turned (DPT) -15
Errors (E) 20
Innings Pitched (IP) 1 Earned Runs (ER) 2
Wins (W) -20 Losses (L) 25
Saves (SV) -20 Blown Saves (BS) 25
Strikeouts (K) -1 Hits Allowed (H) 2
Walks Issued (BB) 2 Shutouts (SO) -50
Pick Offs (PKO) -5 Hit Batsmen (HB) 15
Quality Starts (QS) -20 Home Runs Allowed (HRA) 4
Holds (HD) -5 Balks (B) 20
Complete Games (CG) -50 No Hitters (NH) -100
Perfect Games (PG) -200 Wild Pitches (WP) 5

Anyone who hasn’t already received an invite from me, please comment here. So far, I’ve invited:

, , , , , and .

We can take up to 20 teams, but we need 12 minimum to do this. Oh, and did I mention keepers? You can have 10 piss-poor players to carry the title. And we’ll have trophies for shitty things, too.