What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor?

I’m almost done with the third Alan Lewrie novel, entitled A King’s Commission. I’m trying not to read it too quickly. I’m afraid I’m going to have to say that Dewey Lambdin is Forester’s equal. Lambdin is witty and his writing keeps me wanting more. The character of Alan Lewrie really makes Hornblower look incredibly boring, as I’ve said in the past, but this book sort of drives that point home. Really. I can’t stop raving about how good this book is. If you can, go find The King’s Coat and start at the beginning. More Lambdin books are forthcoming, even. The latest, The King’s Captain just came out a couple of months ago in hardcover. I’m thinking about purchasing it.

Enough about my reading habits for this week. I read my Algebra midterm results online and looks like I got a 92 out of 93, since my professor grades on the curve. So I ended up with an A. No Japanese midterm results, yet, but then my Japanese professor is probably up to her neck in midterms. The math one was done by scantron, so… much easier to grade, I guess. Speaking as a former teacher’s son and aide, scantron GOOD.

As for moving, it’s almost done. We’re settled in, but now we have to clear away all the cardboard boxes, and clean up the NOC for inspection on Sunday afternoon by the Board of Directors and our Senior Vice President. I’ll be on shift for that, so lucky me.

I’ll have more to talk about a little later, but for right now, I’m enjoying the last couple of chapters of A King’s Commission.

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