History Term Paper, part two.

The seventh week of the quarter has something of an auspicious start, I guess. I started the week off by attending my Japanese midterm exam after spending most of that morning studying. Now, the next project on the list to get done will be the second term paper for History, upon which the topic I have not yet decided. Mostly because it has to deal with Western expansion of the United States and there is just not really too much about it that I’m too particularly interested in. I think I wrote that my first term paper, a biographical piece on Thomas Herriot, received an A- from the professor, which was a nice surprise, considering I figure it for no more than a B (based on a previous submission of the paper). And also, I’m still waiting on the result from my midterm exam in history, which I figure to at least be a B-, since I used a non-lecture source for one of my answers. It wasn’t one of those purposeful uses; it just so happens I had watched A&E, and they were doing a docudrama on Benedict Arnold. One of the questions had to do with the man, and since we’re supposed to cite all sources in our writings, I thought it was a good move to at least mention that since what I was talking about in my answer was neither located in the lecture or the text, to cite my source or risk failing the class outright because of plaguarism. I’m very much anticipating the grade, and I check for it like twice a day at least.

I finally broke down and bought a wireless adapter for my network card, so I’m sitting in the Foothill Cafe with it working, but the signal strength is quite craptacular. But, I’m glad the adapter works as it should, because I really did not want to have to go back to Fry’s to do a return. That would not have been good. The only bad part about hooking up to the wireless lan over here at KCI is that they block all non-web requests, which blows ass. Maybe I can snag a login to the secure network. I just hope this LJ entry goes through…

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