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I’m tickled watching Celebrity Poker Showdown this week, which had David Cross, Carrie Fisher, Mimi Rogers, Tom Green, and some guy I’d never heard of before who didn’t know what beat what, and was geniunely surprised he was losing, which made it all the more amusing to watch, I think. I’ve been watching this show since it began on Bravo last month, and along with The West Wing, I think I’ve really come to like what Bravo has to offer. It’s actually gotten me off from watching Playboy all the time, because at least I’m geniunely interested in what Playboy has to offer. That’s how bad TV has gotten for me in the past three months. I watch some of the movies on HBO or Skinemax, Showtime has some good series (I absolutely love Dead Like Me) and movies (they get Star Trek first, being a Paramount subsidiary).

Recently, I’ve been reformatting and editing some of my old work for putting into a collection of short stories to sell to people in a book format. I’m trying to raise money for WNOHGB, and keep it from shutting down to my utter lack of a job. People can also just buy the straight merchandise, though I only make like a dollar off each product, so it’s not much of a support mechanism. It’s just that I know CafePress really rips people off, but it’s the only on-demand print service I’ve seen, so unless I do major volume business, people are going to be charged the full price, which sucks. However, the collection will have all of the WNOHGB-based stories in it, and hopefully that will generate some interest among the players enough to buy it and support the game.

We’ll see.

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    • hellixe on January 6, 2004 at 12:17

    hey.. I’m gonna try to remember… rent hit me this week but I should be able to donate some this friday when I get paid.. remind me ok? I know I’m gonna spaz it.. moo mail me or @send me or just poke me to death.. he he… oh well… I go bed now.. I tired..


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