All this Writing…

I’ve been working non-stop over the past week, trying to rewrite my old press kits and marketing tools that Iw rote when I was working for Fanime in 2001. Fanime 2001 was my first real exposure to marketing; operations was my forte. I’ve been getting paid to do operations for almost 5 years, now and I know it so well, I think I may actually be good at it. If JTAF1 was any indication of my ability to operate a convention with over a thousand attendees in it, I think I did pretty damn good considering. Anyway, so I spent a great deal of time rewriting some of my stuff, and in one particular area I had to write a marketing kit from scratch, because the information and the feel of JTAF precludes some of the craptacular Fanime BS I had to write. Before I launch into an anti-Fanime tirade, I will digress.

The marketing kit actually turned out a hell of a lot better than I thought it would. Now if only I could pour this kind of talent into my creative pursuits, I might actually finish a novel or two.

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